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Tai-Ji PID Net is a website for PID auto-tuning. It is based on closed-loop process identification. The website loads input-output data, then perform model identification and PID parameter tuning, all automatically. Both open loop and closed-loop test data can also be used.

Tai-Ji PID Net functionalities and features includes:

  • Modelling using closed-loop identification.
  • Closed-loop test do not disturb unit operation.
  • User-friendly, designed for layman of PID control.
  • Compatible with many DCS systems: Honeywell, Foxboro, Bailey, Yokogawa, DeltaV, Siemens and more...


Step 1.Start your session

  • Visit and type in your PID loop name.

Step 2.Specify your DCS, PID type and data sampling time

  • In the upper left corner of the screen, click "DCS Vendor" box and select your DCS system; then click "Controller Type" to determine your controller formula. Also specify the PID type as "PID" or "PI", sampling time of the data, Setpoint (SP) Range and controller output (OP) range.

Step 3.Model identification and PID tuning

  • In the upper right corner, click "Tune" button. After a few seconds, tuning results will be shown under the signal plots. Three sets of tuning will be give: slow tuning, medium tuning and fast tuning.


  • Clicking the "Model and Analysis" button on the right bottom of the screen, model identification results will be plotted.

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